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Motivational Speaker, Nutritionist, accomplished Chef to the stars, and influencer Charged with helping empower the community on how to "Find Your Version of Healthy", through Movement and Nutrition. LeighM journey in the world of nutrition and culinary arts has been a fascinating blend of science, creativity, and a deep commitment to inspiring positive transformations. 

LeighM specializes in helping people understand health and nutrition information so that they can make informed health decisions. LeighM has been one of those at the forefront of healthy communication efforts over the past 6 years through collaboration with the educational system, churches, community, individuals, and non-profit organizations. In 2017, LeighM founded A Spoonful of Health with LeighM LLC. with the belief that health information should be individual-based and culturally relevant, not one-size-fits-all. 

LeighM holds a bachelor’s degree from Belhaven University, and when she’s not helping clients meet their nutrition goals, or speaking, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen, exploring new places while traveling, serving in church, or spending time with her “three favorite men” - her spouse and sons. 

LeighM, Nutrtion Extraodinaire: 

As a seasoned nutritionist, LeighM specializes in creating personalized and sustainable nutrition plans. Her mission is to empower individuals to make informed and nourishing choices that fuel not only their bodies but also their spirits. Whether you are navigating health challenges (like cancer, diabetes, or epilepsy, or seeking to optimize your well-being, LeighM is here to guide you on your unique journey to Find Your Version of Healthy. 

LeighM Chef to the Stars: 

In the realm of culinary arts, She had the privilege of crafting exquisite and healthy-focused culinary experiences for celebrities and discerning clients, such as Mayor Angline Buttler (Forest Park GA) Samantha Lee (YouTube Star), Khatic (Love & Hip Hop Star & Rapper) Morris Brown College Ted Talk (Chirsssette Michelle, TI, Jamal Bryant...)  From intimate dinners to start-studded events, her culinary creations marry flavor and nutrition, showcasing the belief that healthy eating should be a delightful and indulgent experience. 

LeighM Health Wellness & Motivational Speaker: 

Beyond the Kitchen and Clinical needs, Ishe is a dynamic health, wellness, and motivational speaker. LeighM has the honor of inspiring the audience to embrace a holistic approach to well-being, encompassing not just what's on the plate but also mental resilience mindfulness, mindset change, corporate change, balance, and lifestyle choices.

Let's embark on a journey of positive change together


A little about what I do. 

Covenant House Atlanta

Atlanta, GA / October 2023 to Present

  • I teach unhoused youth to shop and cook for themselves in financially hard situations or food deserts



Walmart Health Center

Covington & Fayetteville, GA / June 2022 to Present

  • I teach the community monthly nutrition, cooking, and cold press juice classes.

Orange Theory Fitness

Midtown Atlanta, GA / February 2023 to Present

  • Monthly I Teach a cold press juice class in the studio and host events

Home Depot Backyard

Atlanta, GA / December 2022 to Present

  • I Teach Atlanta's Largest Scale Cold Press Juice Class, monthly

MayorAnelyne Butler, MPA/ City of Forest Park,

Forest Park GA / October 2022 to Present

  • Catering events between 50 - 300 (Sisterhood Bruch. Investors Luncheon, Survivors Award Gaa, Impact Forest Park Fire Department Luncheon, Forest Park Diner N Blanc)


Morris Brown Ted Talk

Atlanta, GA / October 2023 

  • Catered VIP Guest Light Bites (TI Tip, Chriseette Michele, Jamal Bryant, Dr. Kevin James, Nakia C. Davis, Anthoney Flynn, Dr. Rashard Richie, Heather Fortaner, Michelle Taylor Willis)


Morris Brown College

Atlanta, GA / May 2021 to Present

  • I am the campus resident Chef. I have cooked for all post-graduation ceremony gatherings, all board meetings, and Galas.

Nick Cannon & MTV WildenOut Pre-Show Event 

Atlanta, GA / August 2022

  • Catered VIP Event 


For The Brest of Us Panelist

Atlanta, GA / November 2023

  • Panel Speaker


Epilepsy Foundation Keynote Speaker

Detroit, Michigan / November 2023

  • -Keynote Speaker


K Lombardi Bret Cancer Event

Atlanta, GA / October 2023

  • Keynote Speaker

Pink Out Brest Cancer Awareness Dinner

Ft. Lauderdale, FL / October 2023

  • Awareness and Nutrition Speaker

Morris Brown College Social Emotional Health Retreat

Atlanta, GA / October 2023

  • SEL Health & Wellness Speaker


The Hype Magazine Presents Ignite Your Life with Just Jay & Friends

Zoom / September 2023, Every Tuesday 

  • Health & Wellness Speaker


PACES Worldwide Retreat 

Los Torrenas, Dominica Republic/October 2022 & April 2023

  • Cold Press Juice Workshop 

Fulton Country School District

Atlanta, GA / September 2022

  • Nutrition, Workshop/ Speaker


dReam Center Atlanta

Atlanta, GA & Virtual / July 2022

  • Bishop William Murphy's dRFit Challange


Penske Automotive

Buford, GA / March 2020

  • Nutrition Workshop & Work Culture Seminar


The Single Moms Network Lunch & Learn

Sandy Springs, GA 2016

  • Navigating nutrition as a single mom. 





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